Thursday, July 8, 2010

Are You Working Too Hard?

Why are 98% of networkers failing?

One of the things I thought of is What are Your numbers? What am I talking about?

I am talking about how many people do you need in your organization to make 10k a month? Usually the first couple of years in our business is the Hardest time in our business. During this time we may want to quit. Personal development is Huge during this time. Staying connected with people who believe in what you are doing. Talk with people who want you to succeed. Stay away from the ones that don't. Most people don't understand mlm so stay away from them, they are not going to help you. Find a mastermind group and share ideas and comments with them.

Ok back to the 10k question. The reason this is SO important is you want to know How Hard you are going to have to work. Most people do not understand their comp. plans. They are usually very difficult to understand.

I was in a skincare company about a year ago and I was very serious about building an organization and receiving a residual income. I had asked how may people I would need in my downline to create $1000. a month. My upline could not amswer this question but replied that it would take a lot! Finally I asked so much that she asked her upline to present a discussion about this. So we had a group meeting and our group leader was in the front of the room with a dry erase board writing down formulas and circles. I am no math expert but I can normally understand numbers ok. But at the end of this presentation I did not understand it AT ALL. They actually confused me more. Why couldn't they just TELL ME the straight up numbers? All I asked for was a number of how many distibutors I would need to make $1000. a month. I never got that answer UNTIL I got educated with Mentoring For Free. They helped me evaluate my comp plan with this skincare company. I found out that I would make only 5% on each distributor. That means if someone is on an autoship each month and they spend apx $100. dollars that I would make 5% of that shich is about $5. dollars. That means if I wanted to make $1000. dollars a month I would need apx. 200 active distributors all on autoship each month.
I then go to thinking that my goal of $10k a month I would need about 2000 active distributors. I learned by these numbers that the business model for this company was using a model called new-school model which means you need apx. 2000-3000 active distributors to make 10k a month. I started doing some research and I found out there was a model called the Next Generation Model. That means you ONLY need apx 500-1500 active distributors to make 10k a month! Wow!!

I knew I wanted to be a part of a Next Generation Model, because why would I set myself up to work much harder that I could in a different company. It doesn't make sense. So I have set myself up for the best Success Possible.

If you're interested in knowing your company numbers, I encourage you to contact your upline for more information, and if they don't know, ask me I'll be happy to do the research with you. I promise it is Worth knowing the numbers and How Hard you're going to have to work.

I appreciate you,
Stefanie Sanspree

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