Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Decide Now

I want to talk about making decisions. What I have learned this week is that people who lack living in abundance and who have no money, make decisions slowly and change their minds quickly and often.

On the other hand, people who own their lives and who make millions make decisions promptly and change their minds very slowly. They decide what they are going to do and they make a plan to create that vision. It's like they keep their focus and they don't allow things or people to cloud their judgement or to prevent them from getting to where they want to be.

People who don't have money are easily influenced. This makes total sense because almost everyone is broke. All people have opinions, so it's up to us to make sure we are selective of WHO and WHERE we get our information and whether or not we choose to accept it and apply it. Be picky, after all we are talking about your future!

Many people thought Henry Ford was Obstinate. (We all know the meaning of this but I think it's important to dissect it):

*Stubborn: determined not to agree with other people's wishes or accept their suggestions

*Refusing to Change: unwilling to change or give up something such as an idea or an attitude

*Difficult to Control

Because of being obstinate Mr. Ford went on to become very successful. He stayed true to himself when no one believed in his invention. He did not allow what others said to stop him.

Another point to consider when making decisions is that there will be some risk sometimes. We have to be willing to take risks. In this business I think of the situation when we join a mlm company. The way this business works is there is usually a start up kit and it should consist of purchasing product. Usually it will cost about $100 to $1000. Yes when you join a company there is a risk, you can choose to succeed or you can choose to not. But you have to be willing to pay the price for success. People that join companies at the top package or kit understand that there is an investment or what we are talking about Risk.

So decide TODAY what you will do and stick with it! I believe in you,

Stefanie Sanspree

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This week I am taking a closer look at organized planning and what all that involves. Of course it involves taking time to create a plan and it also is about taking action on that plan. It actually involves quite more than that too. The qualities of a leader are considered.

One of the traits is to have self control. How can you be a leader if you can not control yourself? This reminds me that when I create a plan of action, I have to follow through with it. I cannot allow myself to quit or to loose focus. Also when it is time to work on my business I need to work on my business, I cannot allow other things to get in the way. I think self control is to be considered when we are being pitched on other opportunities. Stay committed to what you are doing, don't have a "wondering eye.". I know for me personally if I am given a link, I refuse to open it or see what it is about, why do I care? I am happy doing what I am doing, I have no interest in that. I think self control also involves in knowing that it will take time to build a business, it will not happen over night, if someone says this, it is a lie and a scam. This business is about people and building relationships with them. So have enough self control to be patient and know it is ok to wait for your seeds to take root.

Another good quality is not procrastinating. I have read many times if there is something you know you have to do, make a list the night before. When you wake up review your list and work on the hardest thing first then continue with the rest. As you complete each thing on your list, praise yourself, you have earned it. I know sometimes we can procrastinate and not even realize we are doing it. We could be taking too long to read our emails or reading everyones status on Facebook, we think we are working but we actually are not. I am not saying not to be social but have a balance. When it is time to work-Work! It is worth your time.

I do feel that a lot of people want things for nothing because it's the easiest way to receive, there is no work involved. I think we have all been guilty of saying that we wished we came from a rich family and inherited a lot of money, yes this would be easy. I also think we are used to instant gratification. We are used to getting things now and paying for them later. We are used to our food being prepared within a few minutes by the microwave. We are used to convenience and getting things right away. I believe this is why a lot of people quit because they can't stand waiting. Seeing your business grow as it should IS worth waiting for!

Another thing to consider is persistence. The definition for persistence is this: continuing steadily despite problems or difficulty. Network marketing does involve time and work. You will not get a free ride. Along the way you will encounter problems, people on your team will quit, your sponsor can quit, you may realize your company lacks integrity. If this happens find the solution to the problem. See it as an opportunity to do something different or to find a better company that you will respect and know that it will be around to pay your children's children. But do not give up on network marketing all together, this business DOES work and it's the BEST industry to invest in!

There are MANY more topics that are discussed on this topic but I think the most important is to Follow Through. Put your mind to something, make the Plan and Stick with it. Do not quit, continue moving forward. Stay connected with people who have proven themselves to be successful and want you to succeed!

I appreciate you,
Stefanie Sanspree

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do THIS, No matter What!!

I want to talk about Auto Suggestion. This has to do with your inner thoughts. I cannot express enough importance of knowing your thoughts all the time. This past year I've been more aware of what I think. Lately I have "made up my mind" that I will create a millionaire mindset. I am already a millionaire. I am living the life, I own my life. I have a life others dream of. No one can take it away from me. I can't be stopped. I have set the focus into place.

How badly I want others could feel this sense of accomplishment and self confidence. I haven't always felt this way. It was only until I took the Mental Cleanse call seriously and consistently turned in a lesson and speak up on the live calls. I always tell myself that people need to hear what I have to say. So no matter how little my comment is, I always speak up. I want others to say "If Stefanie can do it, I can do it too!" I want people to believe in themselves. I understand the fear that can hold you back. That fear can make your stomach hurt. It makes me uneasy and makes me not want to move forward. You think you are unworthy. Believe that your dreams are worth reaching.

The other day something made me mad, I can't remember what it was but I was furious. Immediately all my thoughts went negative. One after another. I got to a point where I realized what I was doing and that it was out of my hands and there was no sense in getting myself all worked up. If any negative thought (justified or not) can get in the way of me reaching my goals then it is not welcome in my brain. It can not pay enough rent money to stay in my mind. So after I realized my negative spirit, I changed it. Then I was back to being positive and repeating my self talk over and over.

You see, my self talk builds me up. It reminds me that I love myself, I am successful, and that I am making a difference. It gives me faith and hope. Having the negative spirit makes me repeat messages like "I am unappreciated" "I am no good" " I can't do anything" " I am not successful"

Wow!! What awful thoughts! I do want to say it's not easy to expose so much of myself and my inner thoughts but I feel this may be what 97% of the people feel at one time or another. The point is to Change it right away! Always know your thoughts and keep them positive, no matter what!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Follow

What would you like to accomplish this new year? Surely you have some goals or plans in mind. If not now is the time to begin thinking about it and creating your plan of action.

What's nice about it being 2011 is that whatever your goal is, most likely it has been done before. If this is the case with what you'd like to accomplish, then seek out these people whom you'd like to follow.

For example if you'd like to become a used car dealer, yet you're not quite sure how to do that, then talk with people who have already opened a car business and preferably have been doing the business for several successful years. You get the idea.

It can be like this with your networking business as well. Who are you getting advise from? Are they successful themselves? Are you following a proven and duplicatable system? Being in a good system means that no matter what ANYONE can build the business, it is fair for everyone.

Yes it will take effort for you to create a plan of action and to find a good mentor who really cares about your well-being. You don't want just anyone to be your mentor in your networking business, you want a mentor with a servant's heart. This means they are not interested in their personal gain but are genuinely interested in making sure you succeed!

I am proud to say that I am a part of an outstanding group of people who love helping others. I strongly believe you must love what you do and have fun doing it! There must be a passion there.

Think about what I've written and take it to heart.

To Your Success,
Stefanie Sanspree

Monday, December 27, 2010

Comfort Zones cancel out Good Intentions

I want to share something with you. Maybe you've heard of this before, maybe you haven't. Think of a baby elephant. At a very young age he is tied to a post in the ground, he pulls and tugs and cannot release himself from this post. Eventually he quits trying, he allows the post to hold him down.

Even when this elephant grows up to be 5-tons he still remembers that he could not move away from that post and he will not try to even though he is more than capable of breaking it.

Think of yourself now. What is your comfort zone? Most people never get anywhere in life because they are afraid to step outside their comfort zone. What exactly am I talking about? You see as an adult we are who we are because of how we were raised and because of misc. thoughts and opinions that were expressed to us. There may have been negative comments made that we never forget, maybe they were directed to us or someone else. Either way we could be playing these negative thoughts over and over again and we may believe them with all our might even if we don't want to.

Successful people understand that they have to create positive thoughts and make a plan for them to have the success they want out of life. Why don't you choose success for your life? You are the only one in control of you.

That's why we have to know our thoughts and not allow negativity to win. Most people fail because they don't believe in themselves, this is sad but true. If you feel you've been struggling and want success for your life and/or business, then DO something about it. There is training available. All I ask is for you to be coach able. I will believe in you until you believe in yourself!!

Stefanie Sanspree

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The story of the Ant

Do you remember the story about the ant and the grasshopper? If not I'll add the short story here for you:

It was a summer month and the grasshopper was happy and jumping around having a good time playing. He stumbled upon the ant who was carrying a piece of corn to the nest. The grasshopper said why don't you quit working and play, there is lots of food here.

But the ant knew winter was coming and that when it was cold, food would be scarce. So the ant continued his work. Sure enough winter came and the ant was prepared for it. He had a nice nest and plenty of food. The grasshopper at this time realized that he should not of been playing all summer but should of been working.

This story has been in my head a lot the past day or so. And it reminds me of how we can be in network marketing. It takes time for our business to grow. So we have to be patient and we have to be willing to put in the work. We may have to work all summer long and then see the reward in the winter time.

I believe with all my heart that if we put in the time and work that our success will come. So don't give up. Continue to do what you need to do to make it happen. Believe me it will be worth it! I believe in you.

Stefanie Sanspree

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bucket List

I really believe it is important to know where you're going in life. If you have an idea of what you'd like to do with your life then you can create a plan of action to make it happen.

I have an affirmation that I say daily that states my goal. It says what I will receive, when I will receive it and what I will do in turn in order for it to happen. I have learned it's important to say this out loud daily and express it with feeling. May sound funny but it is a way for you to control your subconscious mind and make it work in accord with your plan. Like riding a horse, you are in control of the horse even though you aren't the one walking.

During my personal development the other day I was told to stop reading and write down a list of things I wanted to achieve in my life. At first I thought "I don't need to do this, I already know." Then I got to thinking about it and I thought this man is a millionaire surely he knows what the heck he's talking about.

He had stated that his list consisted of 101 things. At first I thought I don't have that many goals, but I started writing #1 and then #2 before I knew it I was to #39!! It's amazing what thoughts come out of your mind when you start putting your mind to work.

For now I am making my list. After that is complete I will go to each goal and create a plan of action and date that it will happen.

Something I also read recently is if you are not excited each morning when you wake up then you don't have enough goals. You don't have much to look forward to. Wow, what a thought..

So please take the time to be a dreamer and be sure to remember that you are the one in control of yourself. If you want freedom for your life then make it happen!

Much love,
Stefanie Sanspree