Monday, July 19, 2010

Do you Fit In?

Hello Fellow Networker!!

I hope everyone is living well and enjoying life! : ) There is something that has been on my mind today and I feel I need to vent it out. You remember when you were a kid and there were several groups of kids that would all hang out together and maybe you were a part of the group or maybe you weren't. Let's say you may have had a new idea or you wanted to buy a different pair of jeans then the other kids were wearing. You may have tried to share you idea or may have bought those new pair of jeans and you were turned Down. You were turned down or felt rejection, Why? Why did these kids choose to treat you this way? It was because you did something different and they didn't like it and you said something that was different and they didn't like what you said.

You're probably wondering What In The World Does THIS Have to Do with Me and Network Marketing?! Believe it or not this has A LOT to do with your business. One of the Biggest reasons for Failure is because of Fear. Wow, Fear. It sounds so simple, but it's that fear of being Rejected and not fitting in. Can you imagine how many millions maybe billions of people that didn't pursure their dreams because someone told them it was a bad idea, look at some of the world famous inventers that had a vision and they kept working towards it no matter what their peers told them. They worked at it UNTIL they reached their goals.

So to review, don't be afraid to be different. Just because you believe in something and others don't, it doesn't mean that it's wrong or that it's not possible. Just do what you got to do to get the job done.

And I just want to say YES, You deserve it!! I appreciate you : )

Stefanie Sanspree


  1. Great job stefanie well put keep up the great work.
    Aaron Marshall

  2. If someone sticks around long enough he/she will find a place to fit in!

    Unfortunatly many people give up before they overcome their fears...I love this business and although it is @ my dreams, I have been on the path of personal development for months now!

    Lovin it and getting smarter everyday because of the people that I have chosen to associate with! :)

    Success starts within,