Sunday, September 12, 2010

MLM Defeat

There is something I want to talk about something that bothering me. There are millions of people who are honest, hard working people building their business in an mlm company. However, 98% of them are failing! That number is HUGE!

These people have not been trained, they are not prepared. When success doesn't happen they are told that they aren't working hard enough. They are spending enough money. If they would work their business full time, then they would be more successful. They aren't talking to the right people. You get the idea.

I was told this at one time and I was working VERY hard, yet I wasn't receiving success. So with time I thought it was my fault. I thought I must be saying the wrong thing, maybe I'm not excited enough.

Finally I met a wonderful lady who offered me her help. At first I thought why does she care about my business, but I also thought what do I have to loose? I'm frustrated and I need help!

She offered me some free information and it has changed my life! If you would like this information, email me and I'll be able to provide it to you also. : )

Stefanie Sanspree

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