Monday, September 27, 2010

Make Your Prospect Listen

Tonight I watched a video by Marcello Lisi, you may or may not be familiar with him. A couple of years ago he began earning a full time income from his network marketing company. So in my eyes he's been there and done that, so I respect what he says.

He had posted a video on caring for others in our business, and helping people with no agenda. Last week I was having a conversation with a woman and she said that she wasn't really interested in helping others, that she was mainly concerned about earning a pay check.

Everyone knows that we are building our mlm business to earn a full time income, however if we work our business with this "objective" or "motive" our prospects or clients will feel this coming from our voice.

When talking with an objective you may come off as forceful, unsympathetic, you may sound pushy. The problem with this is it feels like a saleman approach to the other person and this will create a shut-down in the person's mind. What I have learned is about 95% of people do NOT like being sold.

Also when you go into the conversation with no motive your prospect will be relaxed. They see you aren't trying to get any money from them and they are temped to listen to you. At this time it is good to get to know THEM. People love talking about themselves and if they see that you really care about them and you want to know THEIR needs, they will really appreciate you for taking the time to listen to them. After all how often do people "listen" to your needs and concerns? Think about it..

You may be wondering "well how can I talk to my prospects without talking about my business, this is all I know?" If this is you download this free ebook:

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