Saturday, October 16, 2010

Complaining and Blaming in MLM

I am reading a new book right now and I wanted to share a thought that came up while I was reading yesterday. This little blog is a bit connected with the blog I posted a couple of days ago about being accountable for yourself and you are the only person in control of yourself and you actions and where you are in life. This is important if you ever want to go anywhere in life.

The topic the book was talking about was complaining. Now we have been learning that it's important to be aware of your thoughts and to change them if they are negative because they can control your thinking and in turn create your actions, good or bad.

The point the book was making was that complaining never gets you anywhere. It asked the thought provoking question: Have you ever noticed how when your at work you complain about your spouse? And when you go home you complain about your job? In both cases nothing is being resolved, your spouse and your job will continue to be the same UNLESS something is done to Create a new outcome. If you have a problem at your job, confront the situation or talk to your boss. Or get a new job! And about your spouse talk with your spouse about what's bothering you about your marriage or change the situation and get divorsed.

You have to remember that where you are today is where YOU have taken yourself. The decisions you've made are what put you in this situation. We create our lives. Nothing is handed to us to make us a certain way. We all have free will.

This also has to do with blaming other people for where you are in life. Be accountable for your life.

If you yearn to be successful then YOU have to make it happen. I read something this morning about what Orrin Woodward wrote in one of his latest blogs and he mentioned that we live in a microwave society. We get credit cards and max them out and pay them back later. We expect for things to just happen. We think if we just hang on things will eventually fall into place. It would be nice if this worked but that's why they call it NetWORK Marketing, it takes Time and Work. Woodward says it will take 2-5 years.

Are you ready to own your life? It begins by being accountable for yourself. If you realize that what you've been doing isn't working, you may consider being open to learning something new.

To Your Success,

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  1. Excellent Post Stephanie. We are responsible for our own lives. We will succeed because of the results of the activities we did. And we will fail because its our fault no one elses. Every day is a test and nobody does our homework for us. So we must pay attention to what is going on with us with respect to our success, nobody else.

    Lawrence Bergfeld