Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Follow

What would you like to accomplish this new year? Surely you have some goals or plans in mind. If not now is the time to begin thinking about it and creating your plan of action.

What's nice about it being 2011 is that whatever your goal is, most likely it has been done before. If this is the case with what you'd like to accomplish, then seek out these people whom you'd like to follow.

For example if you'd like to become a used car dealer, yet you're not quite sure how to do that, then talk with people who have already opened a car business and preferably have been doing the business for several successful years. You get the idea.

It can be like this with your networking business as well. Who are you getting advise from? Are they successful themselves? Are you following a proven and duplicatable system? Being in a good system means that no matter what ANYONE can build the business, it is fair for everyone.

Yes it will take effort for you to create a plan of action and to find a good mentor who really cares about your well-being. You don't want just anyone to be your mentor in your networking business, you want a mentor with a servant's heart. This means they are not interested in their personal gain but are genuinely interested in making sure you succeed!

I am proud to say that I am a part of an outstanding group of people who love helping others. I strongly believe you must love what you do and have fun doing it! There must be a passion there.

Think about what I've written and take it to heart.

To Your Success,
Stefanie Sanspree

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