Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Decide Now

I want to talk about making decisions. What I have learned this week is that people who lack living in abundance and who have no money, make decisions slowly and change their minds quickly and often.

On the other hand, people who own their lives and who make millions make decisions promptly and change their minds very slowly. They decide what they are going to do and they make a plan to create that vision. It's like they keep their focus and they don't allow things or people to cloud their judgement or to prevent them from getting to where they want to be.

People who don't have money are easily influenced. This makes total sense because almost everyone is broke. All people have opinions, so it's up to us to make sure we are selective of WHO and WHERE we get our information and whether or not we choose to accept it and apply it. Be picky, after all we are talking about your future!

Many people thought Henry Ford was Obstinate. (We all know the meaning of this but I think it's important to dissect it):

*Stubborn: determined not to agree with other people's wishes or accept their suggestions

*Refusing to Change: unwilling to change or give up something such as an idea or an attitude

*Difficult to Control

Because of being obstinate Mr. Ford went on to become very successful. He stayed true to himself when no one believed in his invention. He did not allow what others said to stop him.

Another point to consider when making decisions is that there will be some risk sometimes. We have to be willing to take risks. In this business I think of the situation when we join a mlm company. The way this business works is there is usually a start up kit and it should consist of purchasing product. Usually it will cost about $100 to $1000. Yes when you join a company there is a risk, you can choose to succeed or you can choose to not. But you have to be willing to pay the price for success. People that join companies at the top package or kit understand that there is an investment or what we are talking about Risk.

So decide TODAY what you will do and stick with it! I believe in you,

Stefanie Sanspree


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