Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This week I am taking a closer look at organized planning and what all that involves. Of course it involves taking time to create a plan and it also is about taking action on that plan. It actually involves quite more than that too. The qualities of a leader are considered.

One of the traits is to have self control. How can you be a leader if you can not control yourself? This reminds me that when I create a plan of action, I have to follow through with it. I cannot allow myself to quit or to loose focus. Also when it is time to work on my business I need to work on my business, I cannot allow other things to get in the way. I think self control is to be considered when we are being pitched on other opportunities. Stay committed to what you are doing, don't have a "wondering eye.". I know for me personally if I am given a link, I refuse to open it or see what it is about, why do I care? I am happy doing what I am doing, I have no interest in that. I think self control also involves in knowing that it will take time to build a business, it will not happen over night, if someone says this, it is a lie and a scam. This business is about people and building relationships with them. So have enough self control to be patient and know it is ok to wait for your seeds to take root.

Another good quality is not procrastinating. I have read many times if there is something you know you have to do, make a list the night before. When you wake up review your list and work on the hardest thing first then continue with the rest. As you complete each thing on your list, praise yourself, you have earned it. I know sometimes we can procrastinate and not even realize we are doing it. We could be taking too long to read our emails or reading everyones status on Facebook, we think we are working but we actually are not. I am not saying not to be social but have a balance. When it is time to work-Work! It is worth your time.

I do feel that a lot of people want things for nothing because it's the easiest way to receive, there is no work involved. I think we have all been guilty of saying that we wished we came from a rich family and inherited a lot of money, yes this would be easy. I also think we are used to instant gratification. We are used to getting things now and paying for them later. We are used to our food being prepared within a few minutes by the microwave. We are used to convenience and getting things right away. I believe this is why a lot of people quit because they can't stand waiting. Seeing your business grow as it should IS worth waiting for!

Another thing to consider is persistence. The definition for persistence is this: continuing steadily despite problems or difficulty. Network marketing does involve time and work. You will not get a free ride. Along the way you will encounter problems, people on your team will quit, your sponsor can quit, you may realize your company lacks integrity. If this happens find the solution to the problem. See it as an opportunity to do something different or to find a better company that you will respect and know that it will be around to pay your children's children. But do not give up on network marketing all together, this business DOES work and it's the BEST industry to invest in!

There are MANY more topics that are discussed on this topic but I think the most important is to Follow Through. Put your mind to something, make the Plan and Stick with it. Do not quit, continue moving forward. Stay connected with people who have proven themselves to be successful and want you to succeed!

I appreciate you,
Stefanie Sanspree

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