Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Perfect Day

I want to share with you my idea of the "perfect day". I feel this is important to do this exercise because you have to use your imagination and you have to visualize what you want to accomplish and where you want to go in life. So here goes..

It is morning and my husband and I have just woke up for the day. We woke up when we were ready to. No alarm woke us up. We feel relaxed and refreshed, ready to begin our day.

We are on vacation on a remote island. We begin getting dressed for the day. We wear funny tourists t-shirts. My husband wears a hat that goes with the area. I wear a flower in my hair, why not we are on a tropical island : )

We go have breakfast at a local restaurant, enjoying the foods of the islands and speaking with the locals to learn more about them and their culture. After breakfast we go do some shopping. We buy all our friends and family souvenirs. We spend a couple hundred dollars. Why not it's just money. : )

After shopping we go to a local sea life aquarium. We go through the place looking at different fish and wild life. After about an hour or so we sign up to go swim with the dolphins. This is nothing new to us we do it all the time, but we love the experience of being with dolphins. They are smart and fun animals to be around. We each get our pictures taken. After a while we decide to go home and rest a little. While at the resort we get cleaned up and change into some nice evening clothes because we are going to a romantic dinner that my husband has planned for us.

Just the two of us go outside where we are welcomed by some people from the area. They seat us under a hut and they begin dancing. They even do some amazing tricks with the fire. We are so impressed and completely delighted. They bring us our meal and drinks and everything is to our satisfaction. Life is good. There are no worries, just my husband and I reaping the fruits of our hard labor.

We continue our vacation a week or two, whatever we feel like doing. We feel wonderful knowing we have accomplished this. We have worked hard and now we can relax and have fun with our lives. : )

Hope you enjoyed this : )

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